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That is the title of the magazine article in the JULY  issue of FLARE MAGAZINE where I am quoted as the guest expert on making changes no matter your age or stage in life.  The article features 3 women who transformed their destiny.  See page 98

There is an effective coaching strategy called APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY  which focuses on what IS working in your life rather than being overburdened with problems and trying to fix them.  This method works well for any personal or professional difficulties.  Using powerful questions, exceptional moments one can create an image of the future they want.  A.I. (the short form) does not ignore the negative, it is a way of seeing the world differently in a validating and reframing way.  For example, if I have a patient who is stressed, suffering from back pain, overweight, etc. I might ask, “tell me a time when you felt healthy, energized, in control of your life?”  What were you doing that worked then?”  We start with the positive and co-create a strategy  that worked for them and look at taking small steps to move forward.

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