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Rapping into Fitness

Most people know that I’m a Chiropractor, an Author, a Life – Career Coach, a Keynote Speaker, and a Marathon Runner, but did you know that I can RAP?

Check out the link below, I was auditioning for The Marilyn Denis show and I dazzled them with my ‘Rapping into Fitness.” 

My RAP starts at video mark 1.44 minute and runs to 2.18 minutes.


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I was interviewed by The Daily Squeeze, it’s an online magazine that focuses on health and wellness from a Canadian perspective…

Between our addiction to heels, sitting at a desk all day and catching the odd Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon at night, maintaining a great posture can be a tall order. But with a few easy adjustments to our daily routine, we can help keep our backs on the straight and narrow.

We asked Toronto-based chiropractic doctor and author Dr. Elaine Dembe for a head’s up on how to avoid becoming a slouch when it comes to back health.

  1. Get in line. Changing your posture requires core strengthening exercises to elongate and re-activate dormant muscles that support the spinal column. Try standing with feet hip-width apart, making sure your ears, shoulders and hips are aligned. Then relax both knees, inhale naturally and lift the rib cage gently about an inch.
  2. Work it out. Sitting in a car or at a desk tends to force the head and neck forward, causing the back to round forward and spinal ligaments to stretch, which can lead to back pain. At work, ask about an ergonomic assessment to figure out whether your computer, desk and chair are compatible with your body. (Too often we inherit whichever desk and chair happen to be at our work station regardless of whether they’re suitable for us.)
  3. Sleep on it. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, which twists the neck and jams the lumbar joints. Instead, try sleeping on your back or side using a cervical pillow which gently supports the head, enabling a more natural spinal alignment.
  4. Just breathe. With all of life’s stresses, sometimes we forget to breathe properly. Regular deep breathing can improve back health by providing us with a body prepared for restorative sleep. A run around the block or a nice stretch after a long period of sitting can also lead to better back health. Or try Iyangar Yoga, which is specific for good posture and spinal alignment. You will feel taller, more mobile and move with ease.
  5. Have a ball. Lay on your back over an exercise ball. It will open up the chest muscles and reverse the chronic forward posture that tightens muscles. Breathe deeply from the diaphragm at the same time.


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