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In a lecture I attended at Canyon Ranch Health and Wellness Resort in Arizona on the subject of balancing work and home, Dr. Robert Rhode, Ph.D. suggested that we create intimacy in our life. This requires emphasizing feelings, experiences, and memories instead of mastery, which is based on logic, intellect, and rationality. For example, a teen will go to a mall and just hang out. That is an intimacy experience. We will go to the mall with a mission — to buy what we want and get out of there. That is mastery. Mastery, the way many of us work, focuses on getting things done, the end goal, and being in control. Intimacy stresses the process, and asking yourself questions like “How did I connect with others today? What did I do to further my spiritual goals today? How far back do I have to go to savour a memory? What did I do today that had no goal, but that I enjoyed just as an experience?” Mastery individuals often forget or minimize birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, focusing their energy instead on work related issues. I hiked with many “mastery types” at the ranch. They march up the mountain with heads down, determined to maintain a specific heart rate, while others stop to inquire about a certain flowering cactus or to admire the beautiful view along the way. “We are used to annual reviews at the office,” Rhodes says, “but what about an annual review at home? How about putting down an intimacy goal in your appointment book or daytimer, like, “Find out something new about my spouse or teen today.”

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Your Dream Team

I’ve always believed if I cannot solve an issue or problem myself, I should share it with others who might be able to offer a solution. Sometimes I’ll consult with a few close friends or colleagues.
Besides issues, I share my dreams. Dreams need more than wishing to come true. In order to make our dreams a reality, we need many resources and every offer of assistance that comes our way.
That’s where a dream team can help–a small group of people whose only goal is to help each member of the team get what he or she wants. This support group will help you develop plans; give you specific contact information and how-to-do-anything directions. This team will be involved and interested in your progress, applaud you when you’ve accomplished an objective, and when you need them, help you find alternative ways to reach your goal. They’ll help you stick to your projects–and they’ll do it all for free. Why? Because someday you’re going to return the favour!

Why does a dream team work? Because people have better ideas for others than they do for themselves and second, people have more courage for others than they have for themselves.
After 35 years in chiropractic practice, I’ve heard thousands of patient stories. Some of those stories are their dreams. They know that I am keen to help them with any challenges that stand in their way. “Call my friend… have you read… there’s a seminar at… take a course on… I had the same issue… here’s what I did. By the time they leave my office, they have found some motivation and direction to pursue their dreams.
And I feel joyful knowing that I am paying it forward to someone else.

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Wellness guru, Deborah Szekely, the founder of the Rancho La Puerta spa in Baja Mexico, wisely believes “the body is not a motel that you check in and check out of… this is the body you live in… for life!”
And if you find the fun in fitness, it will be easy to maintain. Check out this inspiring video.


I am planning to take up juggling!

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