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In the book “A Calm Brain, Unlocking Your Natural Relaxation System” neurologist Gayatri Devi explains that the brain is most at peace when you take 6 breaths per minute.  The usual number of breaths is 12-15 breaths per minute.  In order to slow your breathing down to 6 breaths,  each in-breath and out-breath cycle should be slowed down to approximately 10 seconds.  Its not easy to do, however we know that many meditative traditions use focused and slow breathing to achieve a calm state.
Try this for one minute today: using a stop watch, time your breathing for one minute and see how many breaths you take.  See if you can slow it down to 6 breaths.
You will immediately notice a calm feeling.  Make this a daily practice.  It’s the best strategy for stress reduction!

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