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Author Tom Rath who wrote, “Eat Move Sleep,” firmly states that “one of the biggest impediments to sleep is what you do in the hour before you go to bed.”

I agree. Checking emails, racing around trying to get everything finished, watching violent or disturbing television shows is not the relaxing, decompressing message you want to send to your nervous system. At the very least, practicing slow diaphragmatic breathing will switch you from sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ into parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ nervous system. You will then signal your body that you are slowing down preparing for your sleep journey.

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Here’s a trick to help you fall back to sleep on those occasions when you awaken at 2 or 3 in the morning.

This is what happens inside your head:

You look at the clock and think “oh S*** !”

“I’ve got to be up in __ hours,” and then you become agitated as you ‘try” to get back to sleep.

The trick:

Fool Yourself.   Just say, “Hey, its Saturday, I can sleep in.”

Your body and most of all, your mind will relax and Voila….   ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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It’s surprising how difficult it is, to just be kind to one another. Why do we need techniques to help us be ‘HUMAN’ beings? Yet, the 5 minute favour, by Adam Rifkin co-founder of PandaWhale, is a great altruistic way to begin a New Year.

Try It: The Five-Minute Favour

It’s about as simple as the name itself. The only rule is that it must be something you do to benefit another, with no direct personal gain/quid pro quo attached. Here are a few to try (and I’m sure you can think of many others).

Make a connection. This is one of my favourites because in a sliver of time you can create some amazing opportunities for people. (This is Rifkin’s go-to favor.) Whom do you know who would benefit from meeting someone else? Whether it’s a colleague looking for the insight that a former colleague of yours likely has, or someone new to her field who would be thrilled to connect with a more seasoned pro in that same field, whom you happen to know. Think of one intro you can make today that could open up a world of possibility.

Pitch in. See a co-worker struggling under an impossible project? Offer to pick up a piece of it, whether it’s some follow-up calls or follow through on logistics. Since it’s not your project, you won’t be buried alive — and any little help you offer will likely be easy for you to do, and mean a lot to him. He won’t ever forget it.

Go out of your way. It’s easy to leave some tasks up to other people, because you’re technically not getting paid to do it. But when you go to extra lengths to make sure that, say, the right resources get into the right hands, you’re making someone’s life a little easier and they know it.

Serve as a reference. It’s not hard at all to back a colleague or former employee for a new job or opportunity, especially when you believe in them. If someone asks you, say yes, or even better, reach out to a friend or contact who’s looking for work and offer to serve as a reference when the time comes.

Give some feedback. Maybe a former co-worker could use an extra set of eyeballs on her resume, or a fellow entrepreneur would love some basic feedback on her new website. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to give incisive, helpful advice. Spend just a few minutes and you’ll give that person a wealth of information to work with, and possibly change the course of her business — and her life.

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