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Did something or someone annoy you today?  Tired of the cold and  shovelling snow?  Your mood will be completely elevated listening to the music video HAPPY by Pharrell Williams the most joyful catchy tune that will have you up dancing!


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For 30 Days try this ‘breathing minutes’ exercise 10 or more times a day. For a minute at a time, practise diaphragmatic breathing whenever you are waiting for something. Remember, you don’t need to be standing or lying down.

You can do this whenever:

  • You are stopped at a stoplight
  • You are on hold on the phone
  • You are waiting in line at a store
  • You are watching the commercials during a television show
  • You are waiting for the microwave to heat some food
  • You are waiting for a friend at work or school
  • You are waiting for the computer to boot
  • You are waiting for the teacher to hand out the test papers
  • You are waiting for an instant message or a phone or text message
  • You are waiting for a meeting to start

While this suggestion requires you to be mindful, the results are worth it.

You will feel calmer, and less stressed throughout the day.

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