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Dr. Martin Seligman founder of the positive psychology movement described the 3 p’s of pessimistic behaviour

Personalize “It’s my fault”
We blame ourselves for the events that occurred and are angry for not having known or for taking action sooner.
Not taking failures personally allows us to recover and move on.

Pervasive “My whole life is a disaster”
Assuming that since this ONE horrible event/incident has occurred, everything is awful in their lives
Whether it’s personal or business related, they catastrophize that their happiness is gone and will never return.

Permanence “I will never feel joyful again”
Individuals believe that the way they feel now… shattered and broken… is the way they will feel forever. Evidence suggests that we do recover and often thrive in the face of adversity.

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Habits can be contagious. The people around you matter. And you matter to the people around you. Research shows that we are affected by the body composition, habits, and lifestyles of those around us. The more people around us are doing something, or living a certain way, the more likely we are to do and live the same — whether that’s what we eat, how we eat, whether we move (or not), how we move, and so on.

If your friends and family are fitter and healthier, you’re more likely to be fitter and healthier. And the reverse is true, too.

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